Celebrating Peace Day 2018

On the 21 September, the International Day of Peace is celebrated worldwide. This special day allows for those across the world to come together in celebration of the progress they are making to build peace. See what our teams in Africa, Asia, and the United Kingdom did to celebrate Peace Day 2018.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the city of Bukavu, in the eastern region of the DRC, our team organised a 13km ‘Walk for Health and Peace’ in collaboration with the organisations Search for Common Ground & Life & Peace. On Peace Day, our friends in the DRC set out on foot to spread the message of peace amongst members of the village.

Celebrating Peace Day in DRC


Participants from our project in Kyrgyzstan, Constructive Dialogues on Religion and Democracy, came together to celebrate the role of art in peacebuilding. Art critic, Cholpon Idrisove, delivered a moving speech on art’s role in building peace anduniting people across different religious backgrounds. Nariste Alieva, founder of Cultura Nomad Foundation, delivered a moving speech on the role of art in peacebuilding which analysed the best world practices of approaching peace through different mediums. This was followed by artist performances of music, poetry and religious rituals.

Celebrating Peace Day Kyrgyzstan


Our office in Nepal, along with the Forum for Women, Law and Development, commemorated International Peace Day by facilitating dialogue events between members of the community and district officials. In the Dang district of midwestern Nepal, a dialogue session allowed for victims of conflict to share their stories and unique needs with stakeholders. In the district of Kailali, a similar dialogue session addressed issues persistent in the school system from perspectives of both parents and members of the school’s management team. This collaboration between citizens and stakeholders will strengthen an environment for sustainable peace.

Celebrating Peace Day Nepal


In Bakassi Camp, one of the largest Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Maiduguri, Nigeria, International Peace Day was met with dance and celebration. In a rare occasion embracing entertainment and fun, attendees showcased traditional cultural dances of the many different tribes comprising the camp. A large number of internally displaced people in the camp have spent over 3 years there, distanced from their homes and their traditional and cultural practices. The Kanuri, Gwoza, Shuwa, Fulani, and Gamargu tribes enjoyed the chance to have fun while celebrating their culture and promoting a sense of unity.


For International Peace Day in the Philippines, our office launched the social media campaign #KnowOneAnother Build #EverydayPeace. This initiative raised awareness on the lives of Muslim minorities in urban areas and their everyday struggle to be included in Philippine society. Three films addressing this issue were were screened in Mindanao and Manila, over the course of the week with an open audience discussion afterwards.The filmmakers, some of whom had no experience using filming equipment and laptops before, are members of our youth network #ProjectTripod. They underwent a participatory videomaking process and were able to produce 3 films in just 5 days.

United Kingdom

In London, we held our fifth annual pop-up restaurant, Conflict Café, which aims to serve peace through food. This year, we introduced diners to cuisine from Myanmar, prepared in collaboration with Anglo-Burmese chef Cordelia Peel of dining concept, Bagan. Guests were transported to Myanmar through this unique culinary journey. They were also able to learn more about the ongoing conflict in the region as well as ways they could become involved in global peacebuilding efforts.

Celebrating International Peace Day London Conflict Cafe

Peacebuilders also came together for the campaign to get the word ‘Peacebuilding’ in to the dictionary. On Peace Day, a giant dictionary was put up in London’s Globe Theatre while campaigners took to social media to call on the dictionaries to include the word. We had cause for celebration as Collins Dictionary made Peacebuilding their Word of the Day!