The business of peace

International Alert’s Programme Manager for South and Southeast Asia, Markus Mayer, recently met with key officials from major national and multinational companies operating in Pakistan, to discuss the role they can play in supporting peace in the country.

There is increasingly recognition all over the world that businesses can play an incredibly productive role in promoting peace in conflict-affected countries like Pakistan. At the meeting in Karachi, Markus stressed that the key to tapping into this huge potential in Pakistan is for businesses to align their operations with their policies on corporate social responsibility.

He highlighted that although very little research is available in this sector at present to support the business community, Alert is working with companies to provide more positive and practical examples of engaging businesses as an important ‘actor’ in building sustainable peace.

Alert began working in Pakistan in 2012 with the support of the European Union. Our work includes supporting businesses to advocate for and implement responsible business practices, promote greater cohesion in local communities and create partnerships across conflict divides.

The participants expressed appreciation for the role that Alert plays and pledged their support in strengthening the peacebuilding potential of the private sector in the country.

You can find out more about our work with businesses in Pakistan here.