Business matters

International Alert has published an article on the role that business can play in supporting peace in Pakistan, in the latest issue of the journal, Business, Peace and Sustainable Development.

The article looks at the ways in which businesses are not only affected by conflict, but can contribute to armed conflict and insecurity. It also looks at how the business sector is responding and contributing to peacebuilding in the country, and the negative and positive effects of these efforts.

We have been working in Pakistan since 2012 to support the role of businesses in promoting peace. The project, funded by the EU, involves working with businesses plus non-state actors whose support and influence are critical in ensuring greater community cohesion, regional integration and the promotion of good economic governance in Pakistan.

The article summarises our learning so far, as well as that of our local partners, the Responsible Business Initiative and the Sustainable Development Policy Institute. It is written by our Head of Research Olawale Ismail and Senior Programme Officer for Pakistan Rabia Nusrat. We will be publishing our findings in full in the coming months.

Business, Peace and Sustainable Development is a new international journal focused on the role that business can play in enhancing peace, reducing violence and contributing to sustainable development around the world.

You can find out more about the article here and find out about our work in Pakistan here.

Photo by Benny Lin, Creative Commons.