Annual Report 2013

International Alert is proud to present our new annual report, ‘Looking at the world in a different way’, which reflects on our work and impact in 2013.

Our theme in this report is perspectives. In every conflict there are different perspectives. Talking to people on the other side and seeing things from their point of view is often the first step toward building a more hopeful and peaceful future.

In this report we share just some of the ways we brought people together from across conflict divides in 2013. The report focuses on five examples of our work from around the world:

  • In the Caucasus we empower Armenian and Azeri journalists and civil society leaders to work together to stimulate debate and new thinking on the conflict.
  • In the Democratic Republic of Congo we bring together women small-scale traders working across the borders with Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda, as well as border officials, to discuss and address trade issues.
  • In Lebanon we bring together youth leaders from the country’s political parties to improve dialogue between them and explore new ways of doing politics.
  • In Rwanda we help to address the impacts of the 1994 genocide by bringing together survivors, ex-combatants, ex-prisoners and young people to share their experiences and start to re-build their lives.
  • We help the Sri Lankan diaspora support peace and reconciliation in their country of origin or heritage and the countries where they live, by opening up collaboration between Sri Lankans of different ethnicities in the UK and Sri Lanka.

While the context and type of work may differ, the objective is the same: to provide people with the opportunity to discuss and explore ways to move past the issues that divide them.

We hope you find the report informative and inspiring. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Read the report online here. Alternatively, you can download the report here.