Alert welcomes UK initiative on preventing sexual violence in conflict

Foreign Secretary William Hague announced this week a UK initiative on preventing sexual violence in conflict. This initiative, which forms part of the UK’s forthcoming Presidency of the G8 in 2013, will include the establishment of a dedicated UK team devoted to combating and preventing sexual violence in conflict.Welcoming this development, International Alert's Secretary General Dan Smith said: 'International Alert's work in conflict-affected countries both confronts us with the all too widespread horror of sexual violence inflicted on women and girls by armed groups and government forces - and at the same time offers inspiring examples of what women can do to improve safety in their immediate environment. This UK initiative offers the hope of increasing the practical support available to women in war-torn communities to reduce the threat and prevalence of rape and other forms of gender violence in their daily lives.'To find out more about International Alert's work on preventing sexual violence in conflict, click here.