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14 July 2021

The notion that women need the indefinite protection of international battalions fails to recognise the glass ceilings broken by determination rather than debris during America’s longest war. Afghan women must now play a central role in peace talks too, say Farahnaz Haidari in Kabul and Carey Cavanaugh in the US.

30 June 2021

The onset of COVID-19 and the lockdown imposed by the government saw a 65% increase in domestic and intimate partner violence in Kyrgyzstan. Here's how we're challenging gender-based violence.

18 June 2021

Action must be taken to address the poverty, community grievances and climate impacts in northern Nigeria that are fuelling the increase in kidnappings for ransom.

15 June 2021

Joint Conciliation Resources, International Alert and Saferworld statement on the impact of UK aid cuts on peacebuilding efforts and our partners around the world.

28 May 2021

The necessary conditions described by the United Nations were not met for all Syrians in the country's elections.

20 May 2021

How is climate change driving global fragility? International Alert's Jessica Hartog explores this for the Fragile States Index 2021.

20 May 2021

Despite the economic crisis in Lebanon, there are clear opportunities to support positive change and rebuild social ties. Read our Lebanon Country Director Ruth Simpson's analysis for the 2021 Fragile States Index.

20 May 2021

How can inclusive employment support peace and decrease fragility in the Horn of Africa? Alert's Elizabeth Kariuki writes about this for the 2021 Fragile States Index.

20 May 2021

Yemen remains the world’s most fragile country, according to the influential rankings list compiled annually by conflict analysts the Fund for Peace. The 2021 index is published in partnership with International Alert.

14 May 2021

The Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) released a statement on 9 May 2021 criticizing International Alert Philippines for declaring that the normalization process has failed to normalize conditions in the Bangsamoro.

Rioters interact with the police on the Springfield Road as protests continue in Belfast, Northern Ireland April 8, 2021.
13 May 2021

There are things we can do to protect our young people from becoming tools for the few pushing for a collective return to violence, argues the Northern Ireland based mediator and International Alert trustee Lisa Rose.

11 May 2021

Find out how as a community facilitator, Anothiata has helped those affected by genocide against the Tutsi forgive, heal, reconcile and reintegrate.

UK aid being loaded on the RAF Herclues aircraft ready to be air dropped over northern Iraq
06 May 2021

On 1 February, the Myanmar military overthrew the elected government. By 1 May, the British government had cut millions of pounds of already committed aid, ending live programmes, including projects supporting people in Myanmar to resolve conflicts without violence and achieve peaceful change.

03 May 2021

Does new media support or threaten press freedom and peace in Nepal? For #WorldPressFreedomDay Senior Programme Officer Bijay Chhetri discusses this issue.

01 May 2021

Four civilians were killed, two of them women, after getting caught in the crossfire of the war between the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters-Karialan Group (BIFF) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on 28 April in the southern Philippines.

16 April 2021

Alert partners on the Principles of Peace initiative, with our Nigeria team developing a systematic basis of knowledge to guide the development of inclusive peace processes by coordinating participatory stakeholder consultations.

A peacebuilding workshop in the Mindanao, Philippines. Credit: Conciliation Resources
13 April 2021

Conciliation Resources, International Alert and Saferworld started the Peace Research Partnership (PRP) in 2017, a process of participatory research with partners and communities in conflict-affected areas around the world. The aim was to generate and share knowledge about how international actors, like INGOs and donors, can best support peaceful and inclusive change in conflict contexts.

Wamploid Cthulhuloid (CC BY 2.0)
01 April 2021

Entitlement collapse is spreading in the Bangsamoro and in other poverty-stricken urban poor settlements in primary urban areas in the country.

UK aid provide shelter kits with Royal Air Force
31 March 2021

On the 16th of March, the UK released its long-awaited Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy.How does the Integrated Review measure up on peace and security? We scored the Review on key indicators for peace.

29 March 2021

Recent clashes between military forces and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters serve as preview of more violence in Maguindanao.