Peace talks: Peace in our cities

In this Peace Talks, we will explore the topic of ‘Peace in our cities’, looking at how urban conflicts erupt and what can be done to reduce potential flashpoints.

Cities are beacons of culture, innovation and economic development. But they can also be sites of poverty, inequality and social conflict. As the world is becoming more urbanised, new challenges to peace are emerging, from gang violence to extremism.

What are some of the common issues faced by London and cities around the world, from Latin America to Asia and the Middle East? And how can we make our cities safer places to live?

Join us to discuss this issue and help officially launch this year’s Talking Peace Festival.

The discussion will be chaired by LBC’s James O’Brien, and the full panel is:

  • James O’Brien (Chair), LBC Radio Presenter
  • Antonio Sampaio, Research Associate for Security and Development at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS). Antonio focuses on crime and terrorism in areas of weak governance and mega cities, including – but not limited to – Latin America.
  • John Vidal, Environment editor, The Guardian. Author of ‘Murder capitals of the world: how runaway urban growth fuels violence’ and ‘Why fragile cities hold the key to stability and development’
  • Junior Smart, Former gang member and founder of London’s largest gang exit programme, SOS Project
  • Rebecca Crozier, Head of Development, Emerging Programmes, International Alert