Diaspora Diaries: Akneeswaran Jeganathapillai

Akneeswaran (Akee) Jeganathapillai is a doctor living in London. He left Sri Lanka at the age of four, but still maintains a strong connection to his culture and roots.

In 2012, Akee travelled to Sri Lanka with three other doctors to explore healthcare challenges across the island. After participating in this visit, which was facilitated by International Alert, he joined ARC, a group of British Sri Lankan young professionals working together with counterparts in Sri Lanka on peace-supporting projects, and initiated a healthcare sub-group, ARC Health.

Akee believes that healthcare provides a way to get people from all communities to talk and work together to improve the health outcomes of people in Sri Lanka. But he also recognises that there remain divisions within the community on how to relate to Sri Lanka following the end of the war.

This is the fifth video of International Alert's 'Diaspora Diaries' film series, produced by film-maker Kannan Arunasalam.

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