Cheated by nature? A photostory on water scarcity in Nepal

Nepali hill-dwellers face the knock-on consequences of water scarcity

International Alert is working to build resilience to climate related risks to human security in conflict-affected states. Our work aims to ensure that climate change considerations are factored into development and peacebuilding policy and practice, and to ensure that climate related policies are conflict sensitive.
These photos document how the lives of villagers in the hills of central Nepal are being affected by a changing climate. This research by International Alert is part of a project which aims to better understand the consequences of climate change on people’s daily lives.
The images explore the resilience of these communities and question whether they are being cheated by nature or by the adverse consequences of poor resource management and governance.
Just three years ago, the river Ranajor flowed beside Thulimadau, a village in the mid-hills of central Nepal, bringing vital fresh water to irrigate rice paddy and feed groundwater pumps for domestic use.
In the past three years, failing monsoons have left the villagers struggling to cope with acute water shortages.

Photos: © International Alert/Niranjan Shrestha, 2010