How we work with companies

Our corporate engagement principles

International Alert recognises the positive role businesses play in contributing to peaceful economic development, but also that at times they exacerbate tensions and fuel violent conflict.

Our approach to cooperation with companies and associated organisations is designed to ensure they integrate a conflict-sensitive approach in the way they operate, so they contribute to peace.

Our work with companies is tailored to the specific challenges they face, using our knowledge and skills to maximum effect. These include expert technical analysis and advice, training, conflict-sensitive strategic planning, the development of methods and tools, as well as monitoring.

Where appropriate our work with business involves accepting company funds. It is underpinned by our principles of engagement, which are designed to help ensure we remain an impartial, independent and effective partner, to maximise the impact on peace:

  1. We conduct due diligence prior to engaging with a company, and work with companies in a highly collaborative manner, to deliver clearly defined best practice.
  2. We work with companies in a spirit of partnership, reaching agreement together on the objectives of our engagement.
  3. Our engagement with companies is founded on the principle that our views, opinions and actions remain independent.
  4. We publicly disclose our relationships and the general nature of our work with individual companies.
  5. We agree that detailed information about our working relationship will not be made public without prior written consent from both parties. However we do ensure together that the knowledge and experience gained is accessible for a wider positive impact on peace.
  6. Our work together is based on the understanding that we neither endorse nor denounce a company or its specific projects and decisions publicly.
  7. Our jointly agreed objectives are designed to improve practice and are based on trust. If we are not achieving those objectives together there would be an agreed means for us to withdraw from the engagement.

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