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Whether we are working at a local or international level, with individuals, with organisations or with governments, we root our training in our direct experience of peacebuilding and share the successes and challenges of peacebuilding practice. We are always context-specific, tailoring our approach to the needs and learning styles of participants.

Training and learning programmes play an important role in building the capacity of individuals, organisations and institutions working in and on conflict to contribute to building peace.

We employ experiential methods to create a space in which individuals can reflect on their own practice and learn new approaches, techniques and tools to ensure their work not only avoids exacerbating conflict, but actively contributes to peace. Practitioners are then better able to advocate for change in their organisations. To this end, training is as much about enabling a cultural or institutional shift towards more positive peace practices as it is about developing peacebuilding skills. Participants are equipped with both conceptual and practical ways with which to instigate change.

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