Most-read blogs of 2019

To achieve the cultural and political change we need to effectively address ever-increasing levels of global conflict, we need to show how powerful peacebuilding can be.

One of the ways we do this is by publishing blogs to share insights from our teams delivering the best and most innovative peacebuilding interventions across the world.

You can read the whole selection here, or keep reading to see our top 5 most read blogs of 2019.

Lebanese youth are reclaiming public spaces with arts and dialogue

By Aseel Naamani, Programmes Manager, Lebanon (November 2019)

By far our most-read blog in 2019, Aseel shares how protestors from all walks of life are coming together to share opinions, perspectives and fears - to raise awareness on the Lebanese constitution and realise their goals of reform.

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How bridging mental healthcare and humanitarian aid can help build peace

By Rebecca Crozier, Regional Director, Europe, Middle East and North Africa (October 2019)

On World Mental Health Day we took the chance to explore the importance of mental healthcare and psychosocial support to help societies recover from conflict.

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Women’s participation is key to sustainable peace in Afghanistan

By Ben Francis, Senior Programme Design and Assessment Officer, South and Southeast Asia (February 2019)

Women’s participation in public and political life, once banned under the Taliban, is growing in Afghanistan. Ben Francis shares how important It is to maintain this inclusion if peace talks are to be meaningful and sustainable.

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From humanitarian worker to peacebuilder: What I've learned

By Yara El Moussaoui, Senior Communications and Advocacy Officer (August 2019)

For International Humanitarian Day, Yara from our team in Lebanon wrote about the links between humanitarianism and peacebuilding, from her unique point of view as someone who has worked in both.

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This election, let’s bring peace home

By Mike Young, CEO (November 2019)

Our brand-new CEO Mike Young blogged for Open Democracy on how inflammatory rhetoric and violent language can contribute to conflict and what politicians in the UK can learn from global peacebuilding.

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