Status and process of law-making in local governments

Reflections from two provinces – Federalism in Nepal Vol. 4

This report provides an overview analysis of processes and practices of law and policy formulations in the six local government units in Nepal.

It is based on an explorative study and contextual analysis of the state of the legislation-making process in local governments, with a focus on marginalised groups.

Under the present federal system, legislation-making is one of the fundamental rights and duties of local governments. This study aims to understand:

  • what legislation local government units have formulated in the last two years;
  • the existing practices of law-making; and
  • what local laws have been formulated specifically for the marginalised communities.

This is the forth report in our series on federalism in Nepal produced as part of the Sundar Santa Nepal project. You can find the other reports in the series here.