Restoring the South Caucasus railways

International Alert has published the second volume of its research, Rehabilitation of the railways in the South Caucasus, which assesses the potential economic benefits of re-opening the Kars–Gyumri–Nakhichevan–Meghri–Baku (KGNMB) railway.

Artists unite for peace

To coincide with International Peace Day (21 September), talented UK and international artists will paint blank canvases, walls and windows around East London - using peace as their inspiration.

The #Art4peace campaign will launch on 8 September in Old Street Underground Station, and continue until the end of the month. A selection of the pieces will be auctioned at Hoxton Gallery on 3 October, raising money for peacebuilding charity International Alert.

Youth, jobs and peace in Africa

Read the report, Real jobs in fragile contexts, hereWith the number of young people in Africa between the ages of 15 and 24 set to double by 2045, there is a real concern over how to provide employment for an increasingly young and well-educated labour force.

Talking Peace Festival programme announced

Talking Peace Festival is a series of events taking place this autumn around International Peace Day on 21 September.

Using the universal language of creativity, the festival will illustrate the importance of dialogue in resolving conflicts in venues across London. Join us for talks, comedy, art, food, photography and more!

Annual Report 2013

International Alert is proud to present our new annual report, ‘Looking at the world in a different way’, which reflects on our work and impact in 2013.

A model for cooperation in the South Caucasus

Over the last three months International Alert and our partner, the Caucasus Business and Development Network (CBDN), have been hosting a series of festivals in the South Caucasus to promote regional economic dialogue and cooperation, including CBDN’s own Caucasian Brands.

Conflict-sensitive aid in Lebanon

International Alert is working with UN agencies in Lebanon to help reduce tensions between the local population and Syrian refugees over healthcare provision.

A shared vision for peace

Earlier this month International Alert held a half-day workshop on conflict analysis for key representatives from Nigeria’s National Peace and Security Forum (NPSF).

Peacebuilding in Syria

With the continued escalation and increasing complexity of the conflict in Syria, International Alert has been exploring possible opportunities for supporting peacebuilding in the country. This is obviously a difficult task, fraught with risk, but nonetheless essential as the international community continues to grapple with how to address one of the largest humanitarian crises of our time.


Talking Peace Festival

International Alert is pleased to announce the Talking Peace Festival, a series of events taking place this autumn around International Peace Day on 21 September.

Using the universal language of creativity, Talking Peace will illustrate the importance of dialogue in resolving conflicts. The festival will open on Monday 8 September and run for a month, featuring an array of events across London, including photo exhibitions, talks, pop-up food kitchens, street art, film and comedy – all designed to kick-start a conversation about peace.