Climate change in Pakistan

A recent consultation held by International Alert on Climate Change, Security and Conflict in Islamabad, Pakistan acknowledged that poor resource management and changes in climate are crucial components of current and potential tensions in both the country and wider region.

Talking Peace Festival 2014 Photostory

In September 2014, International Alert launched their inaugural Talking Peace Festival - a month-long series of events in London which explored the power of dialogue to resolve conflicts. Pop-up restaurants, panel discussions, comedy nights, street art, a photography exhibition and hackathon all featured in a packed festival programme which was designed to kick-start conversations about peace through popular culture.

Sexual violence, abuse and child marriages in Pakistan

International Alert recently held two consultations in Pakistan which brought together women and experts from diverse backgrounds to discuss the tradition of early and forced marriages and its link with different forms of sexual violence.

Alert trains African Development Bank on conflict sensitivity

Earlier this month International Alert and Swisspeace were in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa, co-facilitating a seminar and training for the African Development Bank on development in fragile and conflict-affected countries.

Campaign truck promotes a ‘safer city’ in Kampala

From 19-21 November, International Alert ran a vibrant campaign in the Ugandan capital of Kampala to engage thousands of local people in conversations about making their city a safer place.

Water resources in fragile contexts

Last month International Alert, together with the Permanent Peace Movement, held a conference in Beirut on water and resilience.

On and beyond 1325

Erkki TuomiojaOn 9 December International Alert’s gender team travelled to Helsinki for the third in our series of collaborative seminars to launch our 'Re-thinking gender in peacebuilding' research.

Turn your mobile phone into a force for good

International Alert is delighted to announce a new partnership with The People’s Operator (TPO), a mobile phone network provider that gives back, with a mission to raise millions for good causes.

Talking is always the first step towards building peace. And now you can support our work just by talking to your friends and family on the phone.

The importance of new approaches to gender in peacebuilding

A broader understanding of gender and the different needs of women, men and gender or sexual minorities is essential to peacebuilding, according to new findings by International Alert, presented in a series of reports entitled Re-thinking gender in peacebuilding.