A non-violent approach

International Alert is helping to promote non-violent approaches to conflict resolution in Kyrgyzstan.

We began working in the country following the inter-communal violence of June 2010. We are currently working in the province of Batken, training youth and community leaders in conflict analysis and mediation skills.


Rwanda: 20 years on

April 2014 marks 20 years since the Rwandan genocide.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your generous support and give you an update on our work so far.

Through trauma counselling, we’re helping people talk about their experiences, and forgive and reconcile with each another:

A voice less heard

International Alert recently facilitated a workshop in Colombo on ‘Women in politics in Sri Lanka: Challenges to meaningful participation’, to find ways to remove the barriers to women entering politics in the country.

Attendees included MPs representing the Young Political Leaders Forum of Sri Lanka (YPLFSL), provincial councillors, political activists at the local government level, civil society representatives, women’s rights activists, professionals from both the state and private sector, and other experts.

What do we mean by gender?

Read the report, Re-thinking gender in peacebuilding, hereInternational Alert’s new report, Re-thinking gender in peacebuilding, calls for a more nuanced understanding of the role gender plays

A generation on the sidelines

Professor Tarsis Kabwegyere, Minister for General Duties in the office of the prime ministerInternational Alert is calling for greater involvement of young people in shaping the policies that affect their lives in Uganda.


Business matters

International Alert has published an article on the role that business can play in supporting peace in Pakistan, in the latest issue of the journal, Business, Peace and Sustainable Development.


Women's Day 2014

Which girls and women inspire you for their contributions to peaceful change?

Around the world, women and girls are working to promote a culture of peace. Some are challenging inequalities, addressing stereotypes and changing attitudes to end or prevent violence. Others are supporting victims of conflict and helping them rebuild their lives.

Engineering peace

Infrastructure is a growth sector and emerging markets present massive opportunities for investment. Yet any investment carries with it certain risks, especially in countries affected by conflict. Our project, ‘Engineering peace’, aims to reduce the impact that engineering companies have on communities and their ability to adapt to climate change.

Renegotiating the ‘ideal’ society

International Alert has published a new report on gender relations in Uganda.

It is a timely moment to be talking about gender relations in Uganda, with President Museveni this week ratifying new repressive anti-homosexuality legislation in the country.

Liberia rising

Workshop participantEarlier this month International Alert conducted a three-day workshop on peaceful natural resource management in Liberia.

The workshop was part of our ongoing efforts to promote sustainable economic development in the country – a key theme of the government’s ‘Liberia Rising 2030’ plan.