A leap forward

Last month International Alert, in close collaboration with the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), organised a series of three-day trainings for private sector and national and international civil society organisations on conflict-sensitive business initiatives.


An untapped potential

Around half of Uganda’s population are below the age of 16 and it is a demographic trend that is set to continue for the next 15 years.


#peacehack: The makings of a movement

Can an app stop a bullet? Can social media stop a war?
On 20–21 September we brought together peacebuilders, coders and designers for the first ever #peacehack, a 36-hour hackathon aimed at creating and realising solutions to aid some of the most complex processes involved on the long road to peace. Here’s the story:

The politics of petroleum

Youth leaders from Lebanon’s political parties recently met with representatives of the Lebanese Petroleum Authority (LPA) to discuss how to ensure that the country’s natural resources contribute to sustainable development for the population.

Investing in long-term peace?


Conflict Kitchen London - Peru week

Breaking bread has always been a traditional way to start a (peaceful) conversation. We are putting that to the test by launching an innovative pop-up restaurant dedicated to discussing peace.

Building good relations in England

‘British values’, ‘too many migrants’, ‘Trojan horses’, ‘skivers versus strivers’. Heated national debates about issues such as identity, integration and fairness increasingly set one group against another in England.

But what goes on at the local level? Are good relations across different social groups and identities even possible? And who is doing the invisible ‘social glue’ work, strengthening social bonds and trust across differences, and developing a sense of shared place and purpose?

What’s so important about talking?

Why talking peace? Because there’s no peace process that can start, continue and thrive if it doesn’t involve words.

A renewed partnership

International Alert is pleased to announce the renewal of our three-year strategic partnership with mining company Anglo American.

“If you want peace, make art”

Talented artists have launched International Alert's street art campaign (#art4peace) with live painting sessions in Old Street Underground Station in East London.