What’s so important about talking?

Why talking peace? Because there’s no peace process that can start, continue and thrive if it doesn’t involve words.

A renewed partnership

International Alert is pleased to announce the renewal of our three-year strategic partnership with mining company Anglo American.

“If you want peace, make art”

Talented artists have launched International Alert's street art campaign (#art4peace) with live painting sessions in Old Street Underground Station in East London.

Lana Alana kicks off #art4peace


The festival might not have launched just yet, but illustrator Lana Alana got our #art4peace campaign off to a colourful start this week by producing a dazzling Talking Peace display at the windows around Hoxton Square in East London.

What’s food got to do with peace?

Food can be a powerful metaphor for peace. After all, it appeals to everyone, regardless of their background or ideology. Like art or music, food is a universal language that brings people together. That’s why the practice of ‘breaking bread’ is a tradition as old as society itself.

Peace from the street up

Renowned graffiti artists Charley Uzzell Edwards (Pure Evil) and Dan Kitchener (DANK) will kick-off International Alert's #art4peace street art campaign with live painting sessions in Old Street station on Monday 8 September from 12 noon.

Crime and conflict

International Alert’s new report, Crime and conflict: The new challenge for peacebuilding, explores the problem posed by the complex relationship between organised crime, armed violence and fragility.

Conflict management in Nigeria

Last week International Alert held a five-day training on conflict analysis and resolution for eight of Nigeria’s State Conflict Management Alliances (SCMA).

The training, which was held in Abuja from 18–22 August, was designed to strengthen the capacity of SCMA facilitators and conveners in the eight most violent and conflict prone states in Nigeria: Bayelsa, Borno, Delta, Kaduna, Kano, Plateau, Rivers and Yobe.

Restoring the South Caucasus railways

International Alert has published the second volume of its research, Rehabilitation of the railways in the South Caucasus, which assesses the potential economic benefits of re-opening the Kars–Gyumri–Nakhichevan–Meghri–Baku (KGNMB) railway.