In the Philippines we help to lay the foundations for locally-owned, inclusive and sustainable peace and development.

We work with businesses, indigenous peoples and governments to help communities shape and benefit from economic development. We have pioneered a conflict incident monitoring system to understand the causes and costs of conflict. We research the impact that ‘shadow’ economies, like the trafficking of drugs, guns and people, have on conflict and development. We also support the peace negotiations between the government and rebel forces.

Our work is important because ethnic, political and economic violence continue to threaten and destabilise peace in the Philippines.

We have been working in the Philippines since 1988.


War and identity

The Conflict Alert 2018 report highlights the threat of violent extremism, its origins and implications on the Bangsamoro peace process and in establishing long term security and development in the region.

Honor: Stories of Valor in Marawi

This documentary highlights the work of unsung heroes during the Marawi conflict and the power of local responses that cut across faith, ethnicity and identity in the midst of tragedy.