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Tufaidike wote (Working together for everyone’s benefit)

Community recovery and livelihoods in eastern DRC

This project aimed to address poverty and instability in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by combining peacebuilding, governance and livelihoods.

We believe that by addressing the underlying and interconnecting causes of conflicts related to land and resources, power and (ethnic and gender) identity, while simultaneously providing improved access to agricultural and non-agricultural livelihoods, we can enhance stable socio-economic recovery in North and South Kivu provinces.

The project focused on 15 communities in the two provinces and had a crosscutting focus on inclusion (especially of women), conflict sensitivity, good governance principles, and participatory monitoring and learning. A total of 11,694 households (62,000 people) benefited directly from this project and an additional 70,164 households (372,000 people) benefited indirectly.

We helped to establish 138 community peace committees and train and accompany 1,037 committee members (35% of them women), who have analysed 481 local conflicts and resolved 187.

The project was led by CARE International with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and International Alert.