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The European Partnership for the Peaceful Settlement of the Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh

Progress and Prospects

October 2011
The European Partnership for the Peaceful Settlement of the...

Different faces, shared hopes

The human side of conflict

October 2011
In March-April 2011, International Alert commissioned a...

Evaluating the EU's role and challenges in Sudan and South Sudan

Sudan and South Sudan Case Study

October 2011
This report analyses the EU’s institutional capacity...

South Caucasus Literary Almanac

Volume 1

October 2011

Emerging Voices: Young Women in Lebanese Politics

September 2011
Although Lebanon is known in the Middle East for its...

Peacebuilding, the World Bank and the United Nations

Debates and Practice in Burundi, Liberia and Nepal: Summary

August 2011

Impact Report 2010

Peace is a Marathon

August 2011
International Alert’s new Impact Report uses the metaphor...