Young people put Tripoli on the map

Mapping a city is a great way to empower young people to actively participate as citizens in their community and to promote tourism in their local area.

That's why we worked with our partners in Lebanon, UTOPIA, to train young people in the northern city of Tripoli to use Google Maps to map their neighbourhood. They worked together to put the most interesting sites and attractions on the map, meeting the local community and making a big difference to how Tripoli can be explored by visitors.

The group were so excited about the initiative, they continued to map their neighbourhood on the weekends. They went to the souks, the citadel, and started to visit stores and talk with shop owners. By mapping their community, the young people are reclaiming and regaining pride in their own city.

The mapping is part of our Citizens for Change project, which encourages greater social inclusion and works to enable marginalised youth in Tripoli to be more engaged in their communities by getting them involved in volunteering and local activities.

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Video: © Ali Hamouch/International Alert