Silas, Lake Naivasha Water Resources Association

"The catchment area of Lake Naivasha is 300,000–400,000km2. It is controlled by 12 water resource associations ... Lake levels rise and fall depending on the weather. When the water levels drop, everyone cries foul play over who is taking water from the lake...

Pastoralists sometimes try to force access to the lake, and this has led to minor confrontations. We have settled these by designating some routes for them to access the lake for drinking water and watering their livestock.

There are eight public access areas to the lake. Because of increasing eutrophication [a form of water pollution], it has been suggested that some watering points must be established to prevent livestock from drinking water directly from the lake. That is yet to be implemented.

Fisheries are regulated within Naivasha. With the current agreement, we only have 50 boats in every licensed fishing area. Each boat is only permitted to have a maximum of 10 nets. With this comes the pressure of illegal fishing and poachers. There is increasing demand for fish within Naivasha, so the number of poachers is increasing.

We have a water allocation plan which restricts abstraction levels for flower farms. You can apply for a maximum of 1,000 cubic metres of water."

Photo: © International Alert