Playing her part: Modu’s story

Modu is a community leader in Bama Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in northeast Nigeria, where she is currently living. Due to the active role she plays in resolving conflicts among women and children, Modu was invited by the camp manager to a peacebuilding training conducted by International Alert.

With the training, she was able to increase her knowledge and understanding of peacebuilding, especially on how to conduct dialogue sessions to prevent and resolve conflict. Today, Modu conducts daily workshops at her camp on how to resolve conflicts peacefully, by talking through the issues, and is helping her fellow camp dwellers’ see the importance of building peace and coming together as a community.

Before, we were so worried about the number of conflicts in our society and that no measures were being put in place to stop them.

Modu goes on to say, "but now, International Alert’s presence here has helped to raise awareness on the issues facing the reintegration of survivors into their families, which has increased social cohesion. We are happy for this mission."

"We have been advocating for peace and intervening in internal conflicts to foster unity and social cohesions in this IDP camp since we came here. We served as mediators to conflicts using our local strategies and mechanisms in resolving issues which has had some success. But we need peacebuilding awareness in our communities and are therefore grateful for this project."

Modu is one of several other IDPs who have expressed appreciation the work that International Alert, with funding from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is doing with regard to reducing conflicts in communities across northeast Nigeria.

We appreciate the progress that our society has made in reducing stigma and changing negative attitudes towards survivors of Boko Haram.

"And we appreciate the steps taken to encourage the reunification of families and communities in Bama IDP Camp. All this will not have been possible without the support of this project."


*Name changed to protect identity.