Esther, youth group leader

"My name is Esther. I am 23 years old and live in Karagita near Lake Naivasha. I am a worker with the Karagita youth group. We started the youth group in 2010 because a lot of us were unemployed.

We started with 15 of us but right now we are 20. We try to do some community banking. Every month you put in some small amount, like 50 or 100 bob [around 36–72p]. With the money we grow vegetables, like tomatoes, and buy a little kiosk where we sell them. It is good because maybe someone who was just in the house is now going out. They have something to do.

We also work on the issue of pollution of the environment – the garbage goes into Lake Naivasha and also from the flower farms. We are trying to do some tree planting. Most of the people here work at the flower farms. They are helping because they employ our parents. But if you want a job there you have to know people. The youth are not so much recognised by the community. There are tensions between youth and the older generation."

Photo: © International Alert