Demur's story

DemurDemur is a beekeeper from Georgia. He is part of the Caucasus Business Development Network (CBDN), a pioneering initiative supported by International Alert that promotes greater economic cooperation across conflict divides in the region. Here, Demur explains why this is so important.

"Beekeeping used to be one of the leading sectors in many areas of the South Caucasus, including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and all across the region. The natural conditions and climate in the South Caucasus are ideal for beekeeping.

"But the conflict period and breakup of the Soviet Union deeply affected the development of the beekeeping sector across the whole Caucasus. The production of beekeeping elements like queen bees and bee colonies dramatically reduced.

"Gradually, however, thanks to the support of international organisations such as International Alert, in 2012 we created a completely new nomadic apiary. That same year we received the first harvest of high-quality, ecologically-clean honey, as well as different kinds of beekeeping products, such as pollen, ambrosia, propolis and beeswax.

"This work in the beekeeping sector is undertaken in collaboration with our partners and friends from all corners of the South Caucasus.

"We beekeepers benefit from this cooperation and friendship – it is very important in our line of work."

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