Shreya Mitra



Building urban flood resilience

This project aims to build the resilience of communities in Kibera – the largest informal settlement in Nairobi – to adapt and respond to flooding.

Posted on 09 February 2016

Climate change in South Asia

This project aimed to promote cooperative and integrated approaches to the double-headed threat of climate change and insecurity in south Asia.

There are two key deficiencies that impact responses to climate change and insecurity in south Asia: gaps in knowledge about the social, political and security effects of climate change; and capacity among governmental and inter-governmental institutions to address these issues.

Posted on 19 September 2013

Climate change, fragility and conflict

This project aims to support G7 member states in understanding the joint challenges of climate change, fragility and security, in order to inform better solutions and policy options.

Posted on 09 February 2016

Engineering peace

This project aims to reduce the impact that engineering schemes have on the ability of communities to adapt to climate change.

Significant resources are being invested in climate-related infrastructure in developing countries. If used effectively, these projects can promote sustainable peace and development. If they fail to take into account local realities, however, they risk doing more harm than good, undermining communities and ecosystems and fuelling tensions.

Posted on 19 September 2013

Urban Africa risk knowledge (Urban ARK)

Urban ARK is a three-year programme aimed at reducing disaster risk in urban areas in sub-Saharan Africa by breaking the cycles of ‘risk accumulation’.

The nature and scale of disaster risks are changing in the context of rapid urban growth and change, poverty and climate change in low-income countries in Africa. There needs to be a better understanding of how these risks affect women, men and children in a diverse range of urban contexts, in order to strengthen the resilience of the most vulnerable urban households.

Posted on 09 February 2016