EPNK3 in the South Caucasus evaluation

This summary outlines the findings and recommendations of an external final evaluation of the European partnership for the peaceful settlement of the conflict over Nagorny Karabakh (EPNK3) project in the South Caucasus.

The overall objective of EPNK3 was to contribute to a peaceful settlement of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorny Karabakh through coordinated initiatives in support of both local and international efforts to bring about peace and stability. The project ran from May 2016 – August 2019 and the evaluation was finalised in July 2019.

The evaluation found that despite the volatile context (four-day war at the onset of the project in 2016, and then the Armenian Velvet Revolution in 2018), EPNK3 achievements have been significant. Planned outputs were achieved by the end of the no-cost extension (May – August 2019), and evidence shows that these outputs have contributed towards intended effects which will provide increased opportunities to push the peace agenda further.