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Vijana Tunaweza – Jeunesse nous pouvons

Reducing social and political marginalisation of young people in the Itombwe region of DRC

This project is strengthening the capability of young men and women in the Itombwe region of eastern DRC to take up leadership roles and contribute to socio-political change for peace in their communities.

It targets young men and women who are members of, or are vulnerable to becoming members of, armed groups, in an effort to minimise sources of tension in the region.

Ultimately, we hope to ensure that young men and women in the territories of Mwenga and Fizi are better equipped to lead others in advocating and acting for peaceful socio-political change in their communities, and to strengthen alliances across different geographic, socio-economic and ethnic divides.

This is a two-year project, which began in February 2017.