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Supporting the peace process in the Philippines

Creating the conditions for sustainable peace

This project aims to achieve an inclusive and lasting peace in the Philippines through a negotiated political settlement between the government and National Democratic Front (NDF).

The peace process between the government and NDF is the region's longest peace undertaking. The formal resumption of talks in 2011 was short-lived. The challenge now is to resume talks and broaden the 'peace constituency' to include businesses, the judiciary, the media and international development agencies, who can shape public opinion and ensure a successful and inclusive political settlement.

We help to sustain communication between the government and NDF, so as to prevent the deterioration of relations and the potential increase in armed conflict. We also advocate a joint peace platform that gives voice to the marginalised in Philippine society.

This project builds on the strengths of previous and ongoing work with the principal actors in the formal peace negotiations in the Philippines, and is critical to building more sustainable peace in the country.