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Building cohesion in Stockwell

Addressing tensions among communities in London

This project aimed to build the capacity of community groups in Stockwell in south London to collectively address some of the tensions and divisions in the area. Stockwell is an extremely diverse area, with over 45 community languages. It is the third most deprived ward in Lambeth, which is the nineteenth most deprived borough in England. The 2009 Lambeth Residents' survey also showed that Stockwell is the ward in which people are least likely to rate cohesion positively. We supported local residents from a mix of backgrounds undertaking English language training to explore how they can raise issues of concern to them via locally-run forums. We also supported local artists to consult and involve a cross section of residents to produce a 'Visions of Stockwell' mosaic displayed on International Alert’s building. The project was delivered by Stockwell Partnership, a local organisation that has built strong links with local communities and agencies over many years. Using our experience of supporting community cohesion in communities around the world, we helped them to build bridges between people from different geographic, ethnic and faith backgrounds in the local area.