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Youth documentary observatory in Thala

The youth documentary observatory in Thala, in the Kasserine province of Tunisia, helps young people produce documentaries about the lives of youth in the region.

The idea of ​​setting up a youth documentary observatory in Thala comes after field experience filming our documentary, Voices from Kasserine. During the filming, we met unemployed young people who aspired to make documentaries about youth, but had neither the technical means nor access to production companies.

The observatory therefore aims to support youth in creating documentaries on topics that offer a participatory and citizen assessment of the situation of young people in Thala. In doing so, the observatory will make the voices of these young people heard and will contribute to building their capacity as well as networking, and in turn influence policy-makers and decision-makers at the local and national levels.

The observatory also aims to produce videos and multimedia that demonstrate the expertise of young people in Thala, by offering them skills that will allow them to explore and develop an economic activity (e.g. video production, journalism, citizen documentary making, etc.).

The project is based on formal and informal partnerships with youth-led organisations in Thala, public institutions (Culture Centre and Youth Centre) and local ministerial representatives (e.g. youth and sport, culture, education, work and employment, etc.).

The project has three main components:

  • Capacity building: Strengthening the technical and editorial capacities of participants in production and videomaking. In addition to mastering the production tools (e.g. filming, editing, distribution, etc.), participants will be shown a variety of possible documentary approaches (e.g. journalism, cinema, digital storytelling, etc.).
  • The documentary observatory: Accompanying youth in the practical aspects of producing a series of films on the situation of young people in Thala. This will cover topics such as living conditions, the economic situation, places of sociability, problems of addiction, perceptions of local authorities, relations with politics, radicalisation and religious practices.
  • Establishing a platform and professional network that can function as a production centre: The network can be mobilised by young people to realise and disseminate projects for both commercial and documentary purposes. This component will also help the youth disseminate their films.