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Natural resource management in Liberia

The Community Platform for Promoting Peaceful Engagement in the Management of Natural Resources (CPPE-NRM)

This 16-month project aimed to strengthen communities’ participation in the peaceful management of Liberia’s natural resources.

From 2005, there was a significant growth in investment in the iron ore and palm oil sectors in Liberia, and by 2015 the country stood at a crossroads. Clear and transparent management of its resources could drive development and enable citizens to benefit from the wealth. But the reality had been one of growing levels of marginalisation and vulnerability of communities in concession areas, who were excluded from the process.

We supported citizens’ voices on natural resource management by equipping those negatively affected by resource exploitation to engage more effectively with the state and businesses. In particular, we enabled greater participation of rural and marginalised communities in decision-making around natural resource management at the local level and promoted peaceful resolution of conflicts.

This project ran from December 2015 to March 2017.