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Reducing stigma against those affected by Boko Haram

This project helped to address the stigma and negative perceptions associated with women and girls who have escaped Boko Haram, as well as any of their children born out of sexual violence, in Borno state in northeastern Nigeria.

Women and children have suffered from large-scale abduction, recruitment and sexual violence during the conflict in northeastern Nigeria. On returning home, they now face suspicion, rejection and even violence by their families and communities. Children born out of the sexual violence face further stigma.

Addressing the obstacles to women and children’s reintegration is therefore critical for their survival and long-term peace in the country. We hoped to improve understanding of the challenges faced by women and children returning home by holding community workshops in internally displaced peoples camps and broadcasting radio programmes on stigma and sexual violence.

We will also improved the reintegration of women and children by supporting their referral to support services.

This project ran from December 2015 to March 2016.