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Strengthening youth participation in Ettadhamen and Douar Hicher

Working with urban youth in Tunisia’s transition

This project aims to address the social and political marginalisation felt by young people in Tunisia by strengthening young men and women’s participation in local governance.

The issue of youth integration is one of the most important, yet challenging issues in post-Ben Ali Tunisia. Our survey conducted as part of our ‘Revolution, resilience and radicalism’ project found that the high hopes of young people – one of the most active groups in the revolution – have turned to bitterness, in the face of chronic underemployment, underdevelopment and political marginalisation.

Combining dialogue and political participation with innovative digital community mapping tools, the project focuses on encouraging young people in the Tunis suburbs of Ettadhamen and Douar Hicher to convey their views to local and national authorities. It also supports the creation of partnerships between local authorities and young people, and facilitate local development.

This project will enhance the understanding of young people and local authorities of the challenges, risks and opportunities for young people. It will also improve young people’s access to local development opportunities, strengthen relationships, collaboration and trust between them and local authorities, and increase their participation in local decision-making.