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Tackling organised crime and conflict in Mali

A comprehensive approach to the peace agreement implementation

This project aims to contribute to a more comprehensive and lasting peace process in Mali by increasing understanding of the impact that crime and trafficking have on its implementation.

Illegal trade in drugs, weapons and goods, and people trafficking across the Sahel, has been a powerful dynamic in the formation of armed groups in northern Mali. The implementation of the peace agreement is a critical opportunity to address this issue head on. The failure to do so would likely threaten the sustainability of the process.

Through facilitated sessions with key stakeholders to the peace process, the project will advance understanding of the role and links between the illicit economy and the crisis in Mali, share lessons from the region on drug trafficking policy and gain a greater understanding of the Malian government's capacity to tackle organised crime.

We will share the results of in-depth research with key stakeholders in civil society, government and bilateral institutions involved in the peace process. In doing so, we hope to lay the foundations for further research, support and monitoring of efforts to tackle organised crime, and thus contribute to building lasting peace in post-conflict Mali.