Strengthening women’s role in peace in Afghanistan evaluation

This a summary of an external final evaluation that assesses our work to tackle gender inequality and the poor treatment of women and girls in Afghanistan, including gender-based violence.

The project Strengthening women’s role in peace was implemented between February 2016 and February 2019 by Peace Training and Research Organization (PTRO) and International Alert, as primary implementers.

The project focused on the local implementation of Afghanistan’s National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (ANP) in Herat, Takhar, Kandahar, Nangarhar and Laghman provinces. The ANP, in effect from 2015-2022, covers four pillars of the UN Women, Peace and Security Resolution, namely: Participation, Protection, Prevention, and Relief and Recovery. This evaluation summary provides a brief introduction to the aims and objectives of the project and presents the main findings, lessons and recommendations from the May 2019 evaluation.