Socio-economic reintegration of ex-combatants

Understanding and addressing key challenges

International Alert is seeking to build on previous initiatives to inform and advance EU thinking on DDR.

This paper is the second of two briefing papers produced as part of a year-long initiative aimed at reinvigorating the debate on the reintegration of ex-combatants, and in particular socioeconomic considerations. The overall goal of the initiative has been to provide an exchange platform for the diverse range of stakeholders who need to work together effectively to tackle the complex challenge of reintegrating ex-combatants into civilian life, and to catalyse further thinking and action in this area.

The aim of this paper, and of the earlier one, is to advance the debate on socio-economic reintegration. This brief is not intended to replace other documents that provide a detailed explanation of socio-economic reintegration. Instead it is designed to offer some key insights into issues affecting the Reintegration debate.

This paper is based on ongoing research by Alert, including background research in Burundi, Liberia and Nepal. It is the finalisation of a draft paper used to inform discussions at an Alert Roundtable of the same name, held in Brussels in November 2009.