Results Framework 2015

A snapshot of International Alert’s main activities and impact

At International Alert, we annually gather data on our activities (and their corresponding results) conducted around the world during the previous year. We then share these findings, called the ‘Results Framework’, with our donors and supporters. Our results for 2015 show that last year we supported over 277,600 people in 39 countries and territories through 77 projects. Of these people, 23% (64,585) were men and 77% (213,031) were women. Over 232,300 participants were engaged in advocacy, over 26,300 participated in dialogue, almost 18,000 in training and over 1,000 in trauma healing. We conducted 1,137 dialogue sessions, 914 training sessions and 236 public advocacy meetings. These are really impressive statistics. But what do they say about us as an organisation and how we choose to build peace? In this report, we highlight a few key figures and show how they illustrate essential aspects of our approach.

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    July 2016
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