Results Framework 2014

A snapshot of International Alert’s main activities and impact

This report marks the second year of International Alert’s Results Framework – a comprehensive database showing where we work, what we do and what we are achieving across Alert.

The report contains data on 97 projects active in 2014. The data from these projects, presented through this report, allows us to ascertain a shared sense of progress, with the purpose of helping us to commonly understand and communicate what we do and achieve as an organisation.

The Results Framework is an important process for Alert as it provides a valuable opportunity to look across all our work and identify avenues for cross-organisation learning and sharing. It also allows us to capture new approaches and areas of work, and helps us to communicate to a wider audience the scale, nature and impact of our work.

Following a brief introduction, this report comprises three main parts: the first part gives an overview of the geographical and thematic spread of the 97 projects; the second part focuses on the results of these projects; and the third part gives more detail on project activities and approaches. In the narrative, we highlight some broad conclusions drawn from the data, but mainly we allow the tables and graphs to speak for themselves. The report finishes with a summary of the challenges faced and general conclusions drawn. Annex 1 shows a sample of the results narrative provided by projects, Annex 2 shows the questionnaire used, and Annex 3 gives a breakdown of the categories used (such as the list of countries).