Power, Peace, and Place: Why firms account for their actions

Power, Peace, and Place is a paradigmatic appeal to those who believe that power relations can be altered, peace can be achieved, and place can secure the bounties of a lasting peace. The story of the Davao Multi-Stakeholder Group for Energy Concerns (DMGENCO) attests to this notion – a collaboration between an energy firm, civil society actors, and local government executives that helped strengthen inclusive and conflict-sensitive strategies to guide new investments and plans for promoting energy production, management, and distribution across Mindanao.

This book tells the story of how the group’s unique dialogue process shaped the paradigm and practices of one of the biggest energy companies in the country, more specifically in establishing an accountability mechanism to oversee the construction and operations of its coal-fired power station. It illustrates the story of how different voices came together to pursue shared objectives and trains the spotlight on the actors, rules, and processes that were central to the success of, as well as the challenges faced by those involved in this innovative model. As the title indicates, it weaves the issues of power, peace, and place into an exploration of why firms account for their actions.

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