The potential of the Pakistan mineral policy to promote peace and stability

This policy brief provides key ways in which the National Mineral Policy can minimise differences between businesses and local communities in Pakistan. Investments in extractive industries usually occur in places where neither the government nor local communities are sufficiently prepared for the changes brought by the project. Without an inclusive and efficient economic governance framework in place, these projects can lead to social and environmental impacts that exacerbate or further drive differences between the businesses and the local communities whose fundamental rights, lands and livelihoods are affected. These differences can be minimised if: all relevant stakeholders – governments, businesses and communities – work within an inclusive and socially cohesive economic governance framework; businesses use the right approach to engage effectively and early on with communities; the government has sufficient legislation, along with the will and skill to implement and regulate it both locally and nationally; and citizens and local communities have a meaningful voice in all stages of a business project that affects them.