Annual Report 2015

Pathways to peace

With stories of rising tensions and global instability dominating the headlines, it can be easy to overlook the continued progress being made on the path to peace.

The paths to peace are varied and often challenging. But we believe progress can always be made – even in the midst of war. And as we look at our work in over 25 countries around the world in 2015, it is clear that great strides are being made to build peace every day. From continuing to inspire reconciliation in Rwanda, to working with marginalised young people in Tunisia, to tackling violence against women in Nepal. In this annual report, you can follow the seven paths by which we strive to influence the opportunities for peace globally and read about some of the exciting progress we have made in supporting peace at all levels of society – from communities and businesses, to governments and global institutions.

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    July 2016
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