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Supporting Safer Communities

Community-driven sexual and gender-based violence reduction

This project aims to reduce the number of cases of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in target communities in Myanmar and make women and LGBTI persons feel safer.

SGBV is a widespread problem in Myanmar, including sexual violence, intimate partner violence, trafficking, forced and early marriage, and abuse and discrimination against sexual and gender minorities (such as persons who identify as LGBTI). Generally, SGBV affects women, girls, men, boys and LGBTI persons differently depending on factors such as ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation and age.

We will improve understanding of the forms and extent of SGBV against women and girls, men and boys and LGBTI persons in the project areas. We will also raise awareness on SGBV at a local level and increase collaborations between the local government, medical responders, social services and community-based organisations through advocacy at regional, national and international levels.