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Strengthening women’s role in peace in Afghanistan

This project is tackling gender inequality and the poor treatment of women and girls in Afghanistan, including gender-based violence, which remains a big problem in the country.

National policies have not generated palpable change for most women in Afghanistan for various reasons, including a disconnect between national and provincial levels.

This project is overcoming these gaps and improving the living conditions of target communities by increasing gender equality, which in turn supports inclusive peace and security.

The project has two main focuses: participation and protection. It works with both men and women at the community level to create an environment that promotes women’s participation in decision-making processes and protects them against marginalisation and violence.

Leading on from this, the project is helping to establish a mechanism for women’s voices and local issues to be incorporated and addressed in the Afghan National Plan.

How can we strengthen women's role in peace in Afghanistan?

Hear from the project team about what was learned over the 3 year project.