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SAFE media Nepal

Promoting human rights, democracy and peace through the media

This project aimed to ensure a secure, responsible and independent media for the protection and promotion of human rights, democracy and peace in Nepal.

The media has the potential to play a positive role in consolidating peace, democracy and freedom of expression in Nepal. However, this is undermined by the relative lack of professionalism and oversight in the industry, as well as the personal insecurity risks faced by its journalists. If not properly managed, it can therefore exacerbate conflict and misunderstanding.

We increased the understanding of the links between media insecurity and public insecurity through research, dialogue and media programming. The government has committed to using our research on the media’s role in promoting human rights, democracy and peace to inform future policy.

We established a training wing within the Federation of Nepali Journalists and trained 255 journalists on conflict-sensitive media practices, contributing to a more secure and responsible media environment in the country.

And we produced 30 radio programmes for promoting more responsible media practice and ensuring the safety of journalists, which reached more than 2 million listeners across 75 districts.