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Revolution, resilience and radicalism

Understanding urban youth in Tunisia’s transition

This project aimed to generate an in-depth understanding of the needs and expectations of young people in two marginalised suburbs of Tunis: Ettadhamen and Douar Hicher.

The issue of youth integration is one of the most important, yet challenging issues in post-Ben Ali Tunisia. The high hopes of young people – one of the most active groups in the revolution – have turned to bitterness, in the face of chronic underemployment, underdevelopment and political marginalisation. If tensions are not defused, young people will remain engaged in forms of resistance such as armed radicalisation and opposition to the state and political parties.

We conducted a survey to build a greater understanding of the political, economic and social marginalisation of youth and ways of addressing youth exclusion. The findings were shared with local civil society to build an advocacy strategy on youth marginalisation in Tunisia and to inform and influence policy-making on this issue. They are also being used to support dialogue around the common and differing experiences of young people and how to address these.