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International advisory groups for disrupting violent connections

Bridging the gap between criminal violence and peacebuilding

The Advisory Group on Crime, Violence and Instability looks at how peacebuilding can contribute to understanding the broader, interconnected nature of violence, paying particular attention to organised crime.

Criminal, urban and gang violence are having broad political and social effects in countries around the world, increasingly blurring the lines between conflict and violence. Bridging the gap between research and practice, the Advisory Group promotes more comprehensive approaches to these challenges and greater engagement of local civil society and communities in developing solutions.

It uses interactive workshops to exchange cross-sectoral learning from real experiences as well as findings from research and field projects, with the aim of promoting more innovative peacebuilding solutions to crime, violence and conflict. We also facilitate regional advisory groups, in order to improve our understanding of and responses to the dynamics of organised crime and violence at the local level, and generate support for existing resilience mechanisms.

The group was formed following a meeting of the Conflict Ideas Forum in January 2013 and comprises of researchers, practitioners and policy-makers and meets several times a year. View the members here.