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Farmers' Voice Project - Ijwi ry'Abahinzi n'Aborozi

Reducing poverty and strengthening food security

The Farmers’ Voice Project supports civil society bodies working on food security in Rwanda by building capacity in advocacy and participatory research. Its goal is to create a space for farmers to voice their concerns and recommendations to government officials charged with implementing agricultural policies.

Food insecurity is widely recognised by the Government of Rwanda and its development partners as one of the biggest challenges facing the country. According to the World Food Programme’s Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis report (CFSVA 2015), 979,045 households in Rwanda were at high risk of becoming food insecure while a total of 472,847 households were deemed to already be food insecure.

Previously, most farmer cooperatives and unions in Rwanda were organised around specific commodities such as maize, rice, Irish potatoes, coffee, and tea. This project brings together cooperatives, unions and informal groups to advocate on specific national level policy issues such as decisions on priority crops to grow.

The project ensures that civil society organisations (CSOs) are better equipped to engage farmers and advocate for their rights, strengthens the capacity of District Farmers Networks (DTIs) in representing farmers’ interests, and improves coordination between agricultural CSOs for improved influence over national policies and decision making.

This is a three-year project which began in January 2018.