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Enabling good governance in Kenya’s oil sector

Supporting the establishment of an inclusive and sustainable extractive sector in Kenya

This project aims to create a favourable environment for improved governance and peaceful development of the oil sector in northwest Kenya.

It builds on our extensive experience in this area in Colombia and Uganda, and on our tried-and-tested approaches – including our 'Conflict-sensitive business practice: Guidance for extractive industries' and CIPE’s 'Governance principles for business associations and chambers of commerce'.

We believe that building trust among all actors in Kenya’s extractive sector will improve governance, leading to a more supportive and inclusive business environment – which will be good for economic development and poverty reduction.

We will build the capacity of communities, local and national governments, NGOs, local businesses and the oil companies to engage in constructive dialogue and cooperation.

In doing so, we hope to reduce grievances over oil-related opportunities, as well as develop best practices and relevant policies to address the impact of the oil sector on conflict and governance in the region.

This project runs from October 2018 to September 2020.