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Critically understanding masculinities and engaging male champions for peacebuilding in Myanmar

This project will gain a better understanding of how the social expectations on men and boys in Myanmar drive or hinder their engagement in conflict, violence or peacebuilding. By better understanding masculinities, the project therefore ultimately aims to strengthen the role of women in peacebuilding in Myanmar.

While there is increasing awareness that gender is important in understanding conflict and working for peace, in practice this has often translated into programming focussed entirely on women and girls. The experience of men and boys is less well understood.

The project aims to address this by conducting research in Yangon, Southern Shan and Thanintaryi that focuses on four key areas.

It will investigate how men and boys are agents of both conflict and peace, and their vulnerabilities in conflict, displacement and post-conflict transition. It will also explore the link between masculinities and sexual and gender-based violence, and look at how men can be both enablers and barriers to women’s involvement in peacebuilding.

This final issue is significant as research shows that peace agreements are more likely to be implemented successfully if women are at the negotiating table. They remain largely absent in Myanmar though – despite a commitment of 30% participation by women.