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Civil society and investment in Latin America

Strengthening civil society in areas of investment projects in the Andean region

This project aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations to better understand and address conflict issues resulting from the presence of extractive and agribusiness companies.

Despite the wealth of natural resources in Latin America, local communities often face instability, weak governance and poverty. This is especially true in those countries that face or have faced violent conflict. In addition, local communities and companies often do not engage constructively with one another or manage conflicts peacefully.

We help communities to demand respect for their rights and to take steps to ensure this happens. We support extractive companies to adopt policies and practices that take into account the effects they can have on local tensions. And we help governments to recognise the importance of responding to local communities’ needs and conflicts.

In doing so, we hope to contribute to the peaceful management of conflicts that may arise between companies, communities and government authorities in areas of large-scale investment projects.