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Caucasus Dialogues

Perspectives from the region

In 2011, we began publishing a series of short analytical pieces which offer Georgian and Abkhaz perspectives on events in the region as they unfold.

This series is a platform for informed analysis on current affairs by those who might not typically be approached by mainstream news agencies or who do not trust the editorial policy of these outlets. It offers a valuable opportunity to fill gaps in existing reporting and provide deeper insight into a topic than media outlets, serving as a source of information long after the news outlets move on.

It differs from the Dialogue through research project in that it offers a more flexible way for delivering opinions on a wider range of issues and includes a larger number of contributors. Participants say it is the only regular channel through which Georgians and Abkhaz can access critical analysis from across the conflict divide, informed by dialogue, presented side-by-side. It is therefore now an important resource for those studying conflict studies in the region and internationally.

This project is funded by the UK Conflict Pool and was previously funded by the EU.