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Taking conflict out of investments in Myanmar

Developing best practices for conflict-sensitive economic governance

This project aimed to contribute towards ensuring an inclusive and peaceful transition in Myanmar, by developing and strengthening effective engagement in the governance of investments and aid in conflict-affected areas.

After emerging from decades of authoritarian rule and violent conflict, Myanmar faces a host of development challenges. The democratic transition ushered in by the reforms of 2011–2012 provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen legitimate institutions and create inclusive political settlements that will ensure resilience to conflict and sustained development for all.

We helped to strengthen state and civil society capacity in promoting inclusive development and preventing the eruption of conflict. Activities included the delivery of a tailor-made national course on conflict-sensitive economic governance, in partnership with the Asia Institute of Management (AIM), based in the Philippines.

This resulted in the development of viable partnerships that promote good practices in responsible investment in conflict-affected areas and economic zones in Myanmar.